Friday, February 24, 2017

Babies, Surgeries and Simulation, Oh My!

Day 4: Second day of Clinical and University Tour🌎

Hey everybody! Another fantastic day completed in beautiful Ecuador!  Today was much like our day yesterday as we went to our clinical placements again but switched around so that each of us could try our hands at a different specialty!πŸ’ŠπŸ’‰  We are starting to get a hang of things down here and we know that everyone is so so gracious for our donations.  Here are a couple of favorite moments from today:

The second part of our day included visiting a beautiful university called "Universidad de Las Americas" AKA - "UDLA".

This university is pretty much a dream for any nursing student, as there are so many learning opportunities involving simulation. πŸ”ŒπŸ‘Ύ For those of you who do not know what simulation is, it uses human model replicas that are electronically controlled to act like real life patients. It seems like an ideal way to learn about nursing and life-like experiences we could come across in our futures. We found out a lot of different things about the education system for nurses here at this university, some of which included: it is a four year program, entry level nurses have a starting pay of $7 per hour (WHAT?!), the students do not have to pay for their textbooks, and there are roughly 800 student nurses per year who go to UDLA. It is pretty crazy to see the differences from here in Ecuador to places like Cape Breton, but we are all definitely taking in every moment and learning so much about the healthcare system. πŸ“š Here are a couple of neat pictures from the University!

 We are looking forward to another day tomorrow to explore the indigenous culture of Otavalo and take in some Ecuadorian keepsakes at the local markets. Make sure you tune in tomorrow evening for another blog post! Thanks for reading!😊

Cheers everyone!

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