Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Gondala Rides & Good Times

Day 8: Teleferico, Amusement Park, Mall & Farewell Dinner

Originally for day 8, we had planned to go to a daycare to teach some of the children different things about oral hygiene and give our donations, but they unfortunately had to cancel due to the holiday here in Ecuador. We therefore started off our morning by heading over to the Teleferico Gondola ride up in the mountains. The gondola starts already 2950 meters above sea level, and continues up into the mountains to 4050 meters high!  We had high hopes that the weather would clear up but unfortunately it was very foggy while we trekked up the mountain.  When we got to the top there were ample boutiques that we could shop at and pick up snacks. Another cool feature the building had was flavoured oxygen! This oxygen would help with the "altitude sickness" one could experience from being up so high!  However, after spending about half an hour at the top, the clouds started to clear and we could see some of the scenery. It was pretty gorgeous and we were able to snap some awesome pictures.

We then had to wait roughly half an hour for our bus to pick us up at the teleferico so while we were waiting, we noticed a small carnival down the road, so naturally we went. It reminded us of Hinchey's Rides and Amusements from home!! We saw these two rides that looked like absolute fun. The first one was essentially a slingshot that two people could ride on.  We had four of our students take the risk and they definitely had a lot of fun. The second ride was a twisty and turny roller coaster that only cost 0.50 cents to ride!!!! YUP! It was all in good fun and a great way to kill some time.

We then headed over to a mall right in the center of downtown Quito. We were able to walk around the mall for a couple of hours before we headed back to the hostel to get ready for our farewell dinner.  Our dinner was at a beautiful restaurant called Vista Hermosa.  We enjoyed great meals and we were able to toast to a great trip and learning experience.

Tomorrow is our last clinical day and last day in Ecuador so stay tuned for our LAST blog post TOMORROW!


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