Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How to Travel for 29 Hours Straight and STILL be Amazed

And we're off!! 🌎

The travel day started at 9:30pm, Monday when everyone met at CBU to hop on the bus to head to the Halifax airport. We came prepared with travel snacks of course πŸ˜‹

What we didn't expect was to stop at the Tim Hortons 🍡 in Bras d'Or for 40 minutes because we had unfortunately forgot our banner at CBU. Luckily an "angel" arrived with the banner and we were back on track. The trip from Sydney to Halifax was taken at what appeared to be lightening speed and we arrived in what absolutely had to be record time. Once we arrived at the Halifax airport at 2:30am, we spent a whole lot of time waiting until we received the best news ever! All of our extra baggage (13 suitcases to be exact) full of donations, were generously allotted to us free of cost (over $500 worth of savings). πŸ’Ό  HUGE thanks to United Airlines for recognizing our impending humanitarian work! Also, shout out to Mary's boyfriend for showing up at 3am to see her! Now that's what we call commitment πŸ’‘! When we landed in Newark we had a bit of a layover where we all enjoyed some caper cat naps (Remo Tell can literally sleep anywheres) :

Next stop was to Houston, Texas. We grabbed some real food and we were all set and ready to finally get to Ecuador!! Even though we weren't sure if Emily MacKinnon was going to make it😴, she did indeed! We made it to Ecuador at 12:30 am on Wednesday and arrived at our hostel "La Casa Sol" at 2:39am (3:39am CB time). Needless to say it was a very very long travel day and we are so happy to have finally arrived in this beautiful cityπŸ’š.

We look forward to updating you tomorrow on our first official travel day in Quito, Ecuador!

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